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Meet Josh and Gary.
I've given these two guys a whole gallery to themselves because they've got small dicks.

The point here is that the size of their cock doesn't matter - just look at those gorgeous smiles! And those well-defined muscles!
You can't say you wouldn't mind cuddling up to these two in bed!

For The Girls

Are you sick of facials?

Sick of all the name calling and lack of respect?

Sick of porn where it's all about HIS orgasm?

For The Girls is a female-friendly space where women can enjoy porn made especially for us!

This site is run by two women who vet every photo and movie. If it doesn't turn them on, it doesn't make the grade.

At For The Girls, the focus is on female pleasure and women's sexual fantasies.

There's naked men, hot couples, downloadable movies and streaming video, erotic fiction, plus an entire women's magazine with articles, columnists and advice.

This is what porn SHOULD be like!

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