Penis Size Doesn't Matter

Since the beginning of time, it seems, men have been obsessed about the size of their penis. Most think it's not big enough and spend many hours worrying over the possible effect on their lovers - current or future.

Meanwhile, since the beginning of time, women have been quite puzzled over this obsession. Because, really, it doesn't matter (see more about this below).

And, since the beginning of time we've been telling men this, but for some stupid reason, they just don't believe it. We can tell them that it's fine, that we love them the way they are, that it's not the size of the dick but how you use it (and your tongue, and your fingers), but they just won't listen. Which seems to indicate that they're more worried about what other men will think that what their women tell them.

The fact is, most women achieve orgasm through stimulation of the clitoris. Often, coitus doesn't stimulate the clit enough to produce orgasm. So the size of the dick makes very little difference to the woman's enjoyment, apart perhaps from a feeling of "fullness" in the vagina. If women were really concerned about the size of body parts, we'd be going bonkers over how big a man's tongue was.

I suspect that mainstream porn may be a factor in this. In your average porno movie, the men are all well hung and this is what seems to make the women crazy for them. Indeed, it's the cock itself that makes women come in porno. The poor old clitoris rarely gets a look-in. This is hardly a picture of sexual reality. But men seem to see it as a documentary.

Indeed, you're lucky to find any porn movie or photo or story that doesn't focus on the huge size of the man's dick.

Women's porn seems to be following in the footsteps of mainstream porn when it comes to big dicks, and this is not necessarily a good thing. Sure, we all like to perve at big dicks, if only to say "my god, it's just enormous, how very strange". And we are dealing with the fantasy world. But when it comes to real men, a big dick is not as important as his smile, or his personality, or his ability to give cunnilingus like a professional.

Thus, I've created this site to try and even up the score a little. To celebrate the diversity of men, in all their sizes. And to emphasise that - really - size doesn't matter.

PS. According to the Definitive Penis Size Survey, the average penis size is around 6.4 inches (16cm), with 10.2 inches (26cm) being the largest in the sample.

How do you measure a penis? Technically itís along the top, when erect, from the base of the pubic bone.

Here's some comments from an online survey about penis size:

"My boyfriend keeps insisting that he is too small. He's about 5 1/2 inches, which is perfect for me. I'm not big myself. He keeps saying that he's not big enough, and his size isn't enough to pleasure me. Now that's an insult to if I don't know what I like. If he were any larger he would rip me apart. So, guys it really doesn't matter how large you are. If your girl is comfortable and you use it well, don't complain. It just makes her annoyed to hear you complain."

"I don't think size is so important, I'd just rather a guy that wants to please me as much as I want to please him and both get off at the same time."

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